Preschool Play Dates

The most critical thing you need to remember to do in preparation for a play date is to be sure your child is ready to perform on cue.  And not like one of those trained monkeys you see on Safari Wiggles.  More like a fighter pilot running a well-rehearsed combat mission to rescue millions of helpless refugees, but more important.  Not blurting out in the middle of an otherwise perfectly jovial play date, "Joey, what is two plus two?" is akin to admitting your child is average.  Is that what you want?
If your child ignores you, gives the wrong answer you rehearsed for three days, or otherwise refuses to cooperate because he fails to understand how important it is for you to win this play date, it's okay to follow-up with a redemption question such as, "Joey, how do you spell your name?"  It doesn't matter if he doesn't know what spelling actually is, or even if he can recognize his letters yet.  What matters is that you tie your self-esteem and parenting skills into your child’s academic prowess. 

You are probably wondering by now what to do in the event your child is (gulp!) average.  This touchy situation is best handled by geography. 


When you get settled into your new neighborhood where nobody knows you, whatever you do, DO NOT ENROLL YOUR PRESCHOOLER IN PRESCHOOL!  As soon as he is old enough to buy alcohol, enroll him in Pre-K.  You are better off explaining the presence of leg hair than trying to excuse the lack of number recognition.

But not my kids.  They’re geniuses. 

genius A

genius B


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