Alive and Kicking

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to address everyone's gracious concerns about my well-being.  Yes, I am fine, just taking an unexpected blogging break due to a backlog of thrilling Oprah episodes.  And Phoenix, no, my children have not locked me in the closet.  Although, there was that one time we locked Crusher in the closet when he was two-months-old and colicky.  But if a baby cries and nobody hears it, did it really make a sound?

Shoot, that's not how the saying goes.  Let's try that again.  If a wife asks her husband to take out the garbage and change the lightbulb in the foyer and he doesn't do it, did he really sleep alone on the couch that night?  I think we can assume he did.

I'll be back once I regain some motivation and that dang Dr. Oz stops covering riveting topics like colon cameras and ear hair. 

See ya soon!



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